What’s this all about then?

PARAS is an informal group of industry insiders with detailed knowledge about the UK switch to digital TV, and how it is affecting the public. We have one thing in common: we are appalled at the way some traders and broadcasters are using the switch to digital TV as a means of misleading or even ripping off the public. The more vulnerable members of society seem to be the main targets. This website exists for one reason only: to provide basic facts about the switch to digital TV in the hope that fewer people will be misled.

This BBC News story from Dorset explains the issue clearly.

The official line, which exhorts people to "be ready for digital", whilst being fair enough in itself, is having the unintended effect of panicking a few people, and this of course makes them susceptible to the crooks. Elderly and housebound people who rely heavily on their television are perhaps the ones most affected.
Please help us by passing this information on in any way that you can. Many members of the target audience do not have internet access. Here are some ways you could help:

Print the information and give it to elderly neighbours
Put the information on appropriate notice boards
Ask your local library to hold copies
Ask your local paper to print extracts from the material
Mention this website in local radio phone-ins
Use your mobile phone to text everyone about it
Email the information to your community radio station

We have made the information on this site available in several versions, all of which are easy to view or download. If you do anything to spread the word we would be pleased to hear about it. 

All media are welcome to reproduce the material on this site in its entirety. If you use material from this site please let us know, and please don’t wilfully quote us out of context. Other than that this site is completely copyright free. Queries and feedback may be sent to us from our contact page, but I'm afraid we cannot answer individual questions about your TV reception, or recommend installers or equipment.

Don’t let the digital sharks get their teeth into your wallet
Britain is changing over to digital TV and a lot of unscrupulous people have smelt money. Although the majority of traders are honest there are some terrible crooks out there. Here’s a quick guide that will help you avoid getting ripped off by these digital sharks.

If you know anyone who is likely to be confused by Digital Switchover and who might be vulnerable to being ripped-off by Digital Sharks, please print off some of the information from this site and give it to them.

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